HygroStream Controlled Humidity Source


The HygroStream is a generator of controlled, high humidity air for the conditioning of enclosed or partially enclosed environments and air supplies. The HygroStream is self-contained requiring only mains power and an external water reservoir.  It is portable and compact making it suitable for use on-site or integration into larger systems.

A custom saturator is used to generate high humidity at ambient temperature which is combined with an airflow to achieve the relative humidity required by the operator. Measurement and control is provided by a ROTRONIC HygroClip humidity probe and Eurotherm 2704 high performance PID controller. The relative humidity setpoint can be easily adjusted via the front panel; readings and settings may also be logged and adjusted remotely via an optional Ethernet interface and software.

In addition to Ethernet, the HygroStream supports digital IO enabling it to be controlled remotely and signal ‘out of range’ and ‘low water level’ conditions. This allows the instrument to be integrated into larger systems and require no operator input beyond replenishing the water reservoir.

As a stand alone instrument the HygroStream can be used to maintain controlled levels of humidity in volumes connected to the humidified air outlet, or to provide a constant stream of air at a known relative humidity.  In manual mode the HygroStream can be driven to deliver a continuous stream of mist at a rate of up to 0.5 l/hr at flow rates from 0 to 50 l/min.

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Controlled Humidity Source

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